Generating documentation from Vue/Web components

Hello all,

As we’d like to distribute a part of our components as a reusable library to be used by extensions, it is interesting to provide high quality documentation of those components.

I’ve identified the following libraries:

I’ve use the following criteria:

  • Support for Vue 3
  • Support for Web Components

From the list above, only Storybook officially support the document of Vue 3 components as well as Web Components.

Styleguist looks like a nice alternative but from my experiment, the support for Vue 3 is partial (they are still migrating from Vue 2), and they do not support Vue 3.

Vuese only support Vue 2 and does not have a clear timeline for the support of Vue 3.

In addition, Storybook seems to be supported by a large set of companies.

In conclusion, I suggest to use Storybook as our framework of choice of the documentation of Vue 3 and Web components.


Looks good… we’ll verify all this while doing our first storybook :slight_smile: