Get timeout error on

Installation is a GCP instance with Docker.
I’m unable to communicate with when doing installations.
below is the following when trying to install markdown

1 problem was encountered while building the effective model for org.xwiki.contrib.markdown:syntax-markdown-commonmark12:8.8 [FATAL] Non-resolvable parent POM for org.xwiki.rendering:xwiki-rendering:12.10: Could not transfer artifact org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-pom:pom:12.10 from/to maven-xwiki ( Connect to timed out @ org.xwiki.rendering:xwiki-rendering:12.10 

From the server I can curl the site and from within the container also. This makes it hard to do updates or anything else. Has anyone else run into this issue on GCP. AWS and local seem to work fine.