Getting started with Velocity Scripting: Can't access the SRD

I’m trying to get started with Velocity scripting, and am having a terribly unsuccessful time trying to navigate the existing documentation.

What I would like to know, just to get started, are the methods and properties for $xwiki and $doc, and $services. In theory, the SRD should have the info I need, but if I follow the link given on the “Velocity Training” page ( I just get a blank page. Speaking of which, is there a normal way to navigate to the SRD other than following the link in the Tutorial?

We have the Scripting Documentation extension installed in our test wiki, but I literally can’t get it to do anything. I have this:
but it flat out doesn’t do anything. Perhaps there’s a problem with the installation.

Thanks for any help.

The URL is clearly wrong. The info is in the dev guide at Developer Guide (, by clicking API reference which leads to XWiki Scripting API Reference ( (but best is to install is locally if you want the exact APIs available in your wiki).

Hmm that’s weird. Could you check the javascript console of your browser and see if you have any errors there?


Thank you, that’s what I needed. I visited that page but somehow my brain tuned out the right hand column.

The Velocity Training page should definitely be updated, it really let me into the weeds.

already did that!

BTW is a wiki, feel free to edit pages when you notice errors :wink: