GitLab Flavored Markdown in Xwiki

Hello, Has Xwiki any way to use GitLab Flavored Markdown syntax?

The current Markdown support in XWiki is based on flexmark which itself provide various “profiles”. This is the mechanism used for the for example. So I guess the first question would be: does one of the flexmark’s profile is close enough to gitlab behavior.

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Thank you! Can you help me a little more? Let’s split this problem to some simple cases and for example look at the TOC feature.
How i seem, Flexmark has toc extension. And it’s syntax is [TOC] but in Gitlab markdown TOC syntax is: [[_TOC_}]. Does exists any simple way to parse GitLab TOC?

It does: Extensions · vsch/flexmark-java Wiki · GitHub

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Thank you! How can i use it(if i haven’t strong programming skills)?

Yes flexmark-java supports a lot of extensions but it doesn’t mean they’re used by the XWiki Markdown extensions ATM. It’s not just configuration, there’s code needed for each feature to be added.

Right now we only support what’s listed on:

You could pay someone to implement it for you. More specifically you can sponsor the development of this feature. See for example

Or you can spend the time to learn to code in Java! :slight_smile:

Another solution is to use XWiki’s TOC macro. We have a syntax to use XWiki macros in Markdown. See