Give different views at users

Hi all, i’m new to this forum and software as my company bought it and gave me the administration and installation on our web server.
I have a question about right views, hope somebody can help me:
would like to organize various documents on the site documentation A, documentation B, documentation with various users and different scenarios

  1. unregistered users can view only documentation A
  2. some users can view and modify documentation A
  3. some users that can view A,B,C
  4. some users that can view and modify A,B,C

and so on if i want add different docs and rights

Is it possible to build such scenarios? Because i didnt find the possibility with standard interface maybe need external tool or some scripting or i have to install xwiki in different instance machines?

thanks in advance and sorry for my english


The XWiki software is open source and free :slight_smile:


You need to check and the links there.

If you explain what you tried and ask some specific question, we could help you better.

Hello thanks for responding.
I know its free but honestly i dont know what they bought.
I would like to use xwiki for different pages with different rights.
For example :
Unregistered users will see page1 with all under pages
Registered will see page 2 with all under pages and some can also modify them
I dont want unregistered users see all pages

Hope you understand