Global Administration: Mail Sending Status on SAS / Cloud

How do I delete mail sending status entries. (I am admin)?

Version: 11.10.5

Hi there.

  1. This forum is for support (you mention SAS/Cloud in the title so I assume you mean some paying offer from some company, in which case you could ask for their support, which is different from the support here)

  2. There’s currently no Mail UI to remove mail statuses, see As a workaround, this issue gives you some script that you can run to perform the deletion. You’ll need Programming Rights to save the page with the script.

PS: You should upgrade to 11.10.12. There have been 7 bugfix releases after your version, including lots of critical bug fixes and security issues fixed. It’s really not good and dangerous to not update to bugfix versions.

Just to be clear about this: you can post here about generic XWiki questions but we can’t help you with anything that’s related to the SAS/Cloud offering you’re using since we don’t know them and this forum is for the xwiki open source software. I was just pointing that out. Also I know that these offerings offer their own support if you have questions specific to the hosting (for example, there can be limits to what extensions can be installed, etc).

Now your question was perfectly generic and it was fine to post here! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

You are awesome.

And have a happy and healthy new year.