Global Administration: Users > Can see count of users but users not listed


I’ve just been looking at Global Administration: Users and although it shows a count of users in results, the users aren’t listed.

This is using Xwiki 11.0.3.

Has anyone see this before?

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To debug this, you could open your browser dev tools and find the request that returns JSON and show us the error that’s in there.

For example:


Hi Vincent

Thank you for the reply. From

  • List item

going to Dev tools
Selecting Network
Selecting ‘XwikiPreferences?xpage…’

It showed some errors as shown in the screenshot below.

Does that help to show what the cause of the problem might be?

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I see you’re getting back some JSON with 13 rows. So next step is to copy paste this json inside to see if it’s valid. Or paste it here.

the JS errors are also not normal but I don’t know what could cause them beyond some bad xwiki install missing parts.

Hi Vincent

Thanks for the further suggestion. I copied the JSON with the 13 rows and pasted to then found that it was marked as ‘validated’.


ok so that JSON is valid and yet you don’t get any displayed entries in the LT. So the issue seems to be more on the JS side.

Since you had a JS error for loading lightbox.js we should probably focus on that. Could you check on the filesystem that you have lightbox.js in skins/flamingo/js/xwiki/lightbox.js?

No such thing exist in flamingo (there is no /js/ folder at all). The question is more, why did it tried to load that.


My apologies for not replying more recently. I’m hoping to review further tomorrow with a colleague who can provide technical help. Then I’ll be able to feed back to topic.

Thank you :smile:

We’ve checked and there is no lightbox.js file on a server as well as js folder inside flamingo skin.
Not sure what else we can check?
Thanks in advance for help with that one.

I’ve also checked if there are any extensions installed as ‘lightbox’ and as I thought - no results.

@vmassol @tmortagne can you please advice? I think I’ve exhausted options I’m aware of to check and not sure what more can do to investigate issue.

Hi Vincent (@vmassol)

@Artur and I have reviewed this issue and as he has advised, we not sure how to progress as ‘there is no lightbox.js file on a server as well as js folder inside flamingo skin.’

If there is anything else you can suggsest, that would be great.

Thank you