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Hi XWIKI Team,

I’d like to thank you for the great work.
One of our earlier team member choose XWiki for our system and it works great.

Our IT team would like this wiki to have google analytics and I found a module available but it’s only for PRO version which is quite more expensive than we can actually afford.

Is there any ways to get it ?

Also, the IT team claim that they don’t really like the architecture and might want us to move away from XWiki but that would mean giving up on our custom Macro for assembly guides.

Would it be possible to have service from XWiki where it can actually update our system and make sure everything works ? (sorry I’m not a web developer)

Lynxmotion Wiki:

Example of Macro:

All the best,

Hi. See Page tracking with Google Analytics ( and especially the warning at the top.

If you’re referring to professional service, yes it’s possible; you should contact one of the companies sponsoring the development of the XWiki open source project. See Support (


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Thanks @vmassol for the crazy fast reply.
I’ve just sent an email to them.