Google Summer of Code 2021 and Test automation

Hello, my name is Boris, I’m a Master student and I’m quite interested in participating in GSOC 2021. I’ve installed XWiki locally on my machine and tried it a bit. By the way, I’ve been administrating some MediaWiki-based sites for many years — will this experience be applicable while dealing with XWiki?

I have Java (and some other languages) programming skills, but haven’t much tried frameworks for web development. Of course, I’m familiar with HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. What I’m currently doing is test automation with Java (both UI and API). So my main question is: does XWiki use test automation? Would it be a suitable idea for a GSOC 2021 proposal? I don’t mind either enhancing an existing automation project or developing one from scratch, using the Page Object and API Client patterns.
Looking forward to some advice.

Hi Boris. Cool.

Yes, a lot :slight_smile: See

We always need more tests and to fix flickering UI tests so that could be interesting. However these are hard and complex topics so you’d need to show that you have the knowledge for that.

I guess you could prove this by writing a UI test for one of the tests we miss:


Thanks for proposing and welcome in the XWiki community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links, sounds good. So I need to create a pull request covering one of those tests and attach it to the GSOC proposal, right?

I see the following tasks as separate:


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