Grouping Template pages

Hi Users,

Is there is any option to group the content based on template page?


In above space, I have both template pages(blank & article). While i create any pages it was not grouped together.

Is there is any extension to group this?

Can i get any help from your side @vmassol for this?

You need to explain better your problem because I don’t understand what you mean.


I have two template provider,

  1. Pages
  2. Article


I have created pages using those templates in “My Space”.

I need that pages to be organized/grouped based on that template like,


article 1
article 2


test meet 2

Is this can be achieved by using any extension?

I’m still not sure I understand the issue. Why not create pages based on your Article template inside space “Article” and pages based in your Pages template into space “Pages”?

If you want auto-classification of pages independently of where they are located in the wiki then you’ll need to use your own script for that and you won’t be able to use the {{documentTree}} macro.


In Confluence, they have an concept of labeling in templates,

Note: this label will be provided while defining the template.

If an user creates an page using article template, after saving those changes.
Then the corresponding page contains those label in it,

Using those label, confluence group their pages & display it in tree view.

Can there be any customization done in documentTree macro??

You can do the same in XWiki: you can add labels to template pages and when creating pages out of those templated they’ll contain the labels.

What you can do is listed here:

I don’t see any labels below,

While creating the templated page i cant see the labels,

Is that am missing something?

Labels are put on wiki pages. So you need to put the labels on Help.Templates.Article.WebHome.

Also you don’t see labels when editing a page. You see them when viewing the page.


Okay thanks. But i have searched and found the below link,

I have defined the create restrictions as below,

Pages were created in the above location, but my navigation tree displays like this,


12 november article & 13 november article are nested pages of Articles but here it is shown as siblings.

I have checked the document tree macro configuration, i have defined hierarchymode as “parentchild”

If i change hierarchymode to “” then its fine.


Is that possible to have parentchild hierarchy mode with nested template hierarchy?


Can we integrate “Tags” with the template page? so that i can able to group & list all the pages of those template?

I tried like that but while creating a Template name “Test” and added an Tag “test” but after creating an page from the template “Test”. I can’t able to find the Tag name in it?