GSOC 2021 - Sanchita Singh - Sync Up Summaries

The following thread will be used for summarising the meeting notes weekly to keep check on progress, completed work and plan for next weeks.

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We will be holding into meeting on May 21st 2021, 10 PM IST at . Evryone and anyone who’s interested can join. We will be discussing about high level project goals, plans for community bonding period and setting up expectations for the project end goals.

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MOM - 21st May 2021

  1. Round of introductions with Sanchita to get better acquainted and decide upon plan to be followed for completion of project.
  2. The next week would be spent learning CDK and Packer to get bootstrapped on technologies we are going to use for the rest of the project.
  3. Learn how to write tests in CDK for constructs created.
  4. Finalised System design of Production installation of XWiki to be completed in later weeks. The system design will be documented in a separate forum post after the coming week.
  5. Sanchita will be creating a separate Forum Post and write summaries of work done along with learnings on a weekly basis so that other developers can easily go though and learn about the work done on the project.
  6. Base CDK Code has already been merged in the XWiki-aws repositories. (aws/xwiki-demo-cdk at master · xwiki-contrib/aws · GitHub).
  7. The end deliverables of the project would include Packer scripts for installation of XWiki on AWS, Azure and GCP. AWS concentrated production installation of XWiki using ECS containers and Docker. AMIs published through launch templates on AWS Marketplace for easy access . CDK based Demo installation of XWiki supporting latest available versions. Videos demonstrating the use of CDK based code and AWS Marketplace to help users quickly get started with XWiki.
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MOM - 28th May 2021

  1. Round of discussions about the work done in last week. Updated the work done in the GSOC 2021 - Sachinta Singh - Work Summaries forum post.
  2. Sanchita will be creating another forum post describing the finalised deliverables for the project along with tech stack to be used for each availale method of installation.
  3. The end deliverables would include CDK for Demo installation, CDK for production installations, Packer script for installing XWiki Demo and XWiki production installation so as to scale the solution to Azure and GCP later. Published AMIs to AWS Marketplace for easy access.
  4. Deep dives into existing Packer code to familiarise herself with coding standard and get a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done on packer side of things.
  5. Sachin will be sharing the code details after discussion with Vincent.
  6. Sanchita will be deep diving into XWiki build system and try to find how we can merge the build of cdk code into the existing build system and write same cdk code along with tests.
  7. Sanchita will also learn more about Maven, Jenkins and Tomcat to get better understanding of Xwiki alongside cloud related solutions.
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MOM - 4th June 2021

  1. 1 Round of discussions about the work done in last week. Updated the work done in the GSOC 2021 - Sachinta Singh - Work Summaries forum post.
  2. Sanchita will update the forum post for documentation of IAAC for XWiki installations (Elastic Compute Cloud-based Amazon Machine Image for XWiki (Proposal.Elastic Compute Cloud-based Amazon Machine Image for XWiki.WebHome) - XWiki ) with other details of various components used in the final setup.
  3. Sanchita will clear issues about packer script and ansible from the script shared by Clement and get clarifications around its working and how it’s integrated with current Xwiki build system.
  4. Sanchita could not complete point no. 6 and 7 from last week due to other priorities. Sanchita will read about maven, jenkins, tomcat and following links in order:
  5. Architecture (
  6. Getting Started (
  8. Sanchita will read more about xwiki build system and its working.

We will re group on 7th June when GSOc phase 1 starts for dicussing further pending work.

MOM 9th June 2021

  1. Sanchita kept working on completing the design wiki and added more details around the use of RDS and EFS. She will write more on the design wiki explaining code flow and request-response cycle for production installation of XWiki.
  2. Sanchita will create separate forum post for project deliverables and take them out of the design wiki.
  3. We are parking integration of Xwiki AWS with XWiki ci for now until the project is ready and will take recommendations from Vincent on how to do it.
  4. Sanchita created a demo web application using tomcat to learn more about it and its working
  5. Sanchita created a demo CDK application to learn more about CDK app, constructs, and stacks.
  6. Sanchita wrote unit tests for the above application.
  7. Read about working on ansible. some doubts need confirmation from Vincent and Clement.
    We will connect again on 10th June to discuss the next steps. Until then, Sanchita will segregate deliverables forum post from design wiki and read more about Jenkins.
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MOM 20th June 2021

  1. Sanchita completed the Design Wiki for the project to include details of both Production level installs and demo installations which is documented here:
  2. Sanchita created separate forum post for project deliverables and separated it from Design Wiki: Project Goals Summary - GSOC 2021- AMI for XWiki
  3. Sanchita created CDK for Demo installation of XWiki on EC2 . The Pull request for the same is: Added CDK code for XWiki demo installation with unit tests. by sanchita141011 · Pull Request #6 · xwiki-contrib/aws · GitHub
  4. Sahcin will review the Pull request for changes.
  5. Sanchita will check with community members regarding storage required for S3 Bucket to store AMI data.
  6. Sanchita will submit production installation CDK by tomorrow i.e 22nd June.
  7. A new Repository will be created for storing packer scripts. Sachin will talk to Vincent regarding this.
  8. Sanchita will submit packer scripts for Demo installation and production installation after the Repo is created.