GSOC 2021- Sanchita Singh - Work Summaries

Week 1- 21st May- 27th May

  1. Understanding packer and its use to create AMI for demo XWiki (Long Term Support and Latest version)
  2. Learned CDK to provide an easy way of installation of XWiki on the AWS account of the user.
  3. Learned how to write unit tests in CDK in TypeScript using the Jest test framework.
  4. Successfully created AMI for demo XWiki (Standard Flavor Pre-installed) using AWS console. While creating the AMI I observed that, even while the tomcat server was running on the EC2 instance, The requests sent from the browser were not being sent to tomcat and I kept observing connection refused error on the browser. I reached out to the AWS support team in order to debug the issue, but no solution could be found. the issue finally resolved by explicitly adding protocol 8080 in the inbound rules of the security group. initially, all traffic was allowed on the inbound rules of security groups which should have allowed the 8080 port connections, but it was not the case.
  5. Finalised System design of Production installation of XWiki.
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Week 2 28th May- 4th June

  1. Created a design page for details of components and architecture of the project Elastic Compute Cloud-based Amazon Machine Image for XWiki (Proposal.Elastic Compute Cloud-based Amazon Machine Image for XWiki.WebHome) - XWiki
  2. Understood the details of the already existing packer script about how to scale the Image production in different cloud platforms.
  3. wrote CDK code and unit tests for demo installation of XWiki.
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Week 3 5th June - 9th June

  1. Added more details in the design page, explaining different components of Infrastructure as code,
  2. Created a demo CDK app to get a better understanding of the CDK app, constructs, stacks, and tests.
  3. Wrote unit tests for the above demo CDK app.
  4. Read about working on ansible to understand the preexisting packer code.
  5. While installing Demo XWiki on EC2 machine of type T2.micro, I observed that the installation stopped midway showing the error "There is insufficient memory for the java runtime environment to continue ". Later I found out, This happened because T2. micro has 1GB of memory which is not sufficient for XWiki to run. On trying the installation on a bigger machine (T2.samll andT2.medium) it was working fine.

11th June - 20th June

  1. Compleated design page, documented here and final deliverables here, Project Goals Summary - GSOC 2021- AMI for XWiki
  2. created CDK for Demo installation of XWiki on EC2 with unit tests. The Pull Request for the same is: Added CDK code for XWiki demo installation with unit tests. by sanchita141011 · Pull Request #6 · xwiki-contrib/aws · GitHub
  3. Started Writing Stacks for Load Balancers, ECS Service, clusters, RDS Instances for XWiki production installation CDK.