GSoC 2022 community bonding period Summary

hello everyone,
As the community bonding period has come to an end(May 20-June 12 ). I would summarize it and explain the future goals.
Thanks to the community I learned various things about XWiki and widened my scope of knowledge. You can view my progress here

The main objective of phase 1 of the coding period would be to build a clean working snap of the XWiki. The following task would be achieved by using the docker image of the XWiki.if the initiative fails we could explore other alternatives like using the Debian package and lastly building it from maven (avoiding maven because it would take 6+ hours to build thus the last option if all fails). (major milestones and changes would also be updated here)

I am open to any comments, ideas, or suggestions. If there are any articles or forum posts that you would like me to read or would benefit from reading, please link them. Your experience is an invaluable asset to me that would help me get through this project with ease.

I would be creating forum posts to keep everyone updated with my project and would be using to ask my minor doubts or question that I might end up facing.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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