GSoC 2022 (XWiki Snap) Milestone

hey guys,(update post)
I have almost completed the snap of the XWiki. It has a few issues.Would love to get your feedback on the following. You can view my progress here. I am now planning to focus more of my time on documentation. The task that I have in mind:

  • a Project page on to describe and document the project.
  • Design page to document the technical aspects of the Snap

Would a CI job to automatically build and test the snaps be required as I have very little understanding of how to build one for a snap? (as it won’t be built using maven in my case).

If you are facing any issues related to the snap please let me know or feel free to create an issue here.
If you have any other tasks in mind that I should do before the GSoC phase 1 evaluation , please let me know.
thank you for your time :slight_smile: