GSoC 2023 Proposal for ChatGPT integration to Generate/Update page content

Hello everyone! My name is Gaurav and I’m a full stack web developer from India. I’m currently a Bachelors student in my third academic year of engineering

I’d like to make my contributions towards the integration of OpenAI’s API into the XWiki website. This idea immediately got me excited as I’ve worked on Web and RestAPI projects in my past endeavours, So I have a fair idea on how to go about it. I have mentioned everything in much detail in my proposal which I would be submitting very soon. But just to give a small gist of it, I’d like to mention the features we can implement using GPT’s API:

• Speech tone detection using AI

  • We will use GPT’s API to detect a user’s tone, as in the tone of the message they are trying to convey
  • If the speech tone is polite or casually acceptable. Allow the message to be conveyed
  • Else if, The tone is harsh or hate speech is detected, Warn the user to correct it

• Fixing content errors

  • Content writers & Wiki users must focus on portraying their message alone without the worry of making grammatical errors
  • Thus, The API scans through the text and suggests grammatical and structural fixes
  • Possibly in a single click of a button, Entire text body can be corrected

• Summarizing Text

  • API can help users summarize their text and avoid redundancy in their writing
  • This feature will make the content more resourceful and insightful to the users

• AI based search and relevance filtration

  • This is far more powerful than a normal Google like search as it has the capability to filter out relevant content much more accurately
  • This can be a very important feature which improves the UX of the site

Possibilities are endless, but I thought these would be the most relevant to our use cases.
I’m open to any and all suggestions!
Let’s work on this together! :slight_smile:

Hi @gauravpadam welcome aboard! Thanks for participating.

Please check to start with the XWiki onboarding.


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Thanks @vmassol Sir, Hope I’ll be a good apprentice! Also If you’d like to suggest anything regarding the idea, Please do so. Meanwhile I’ll continue to work on my proposal

Hello Everyone,
I am excited to propose integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT API into XWiki to enhance its features and functionality. My name is Arnav Thakare and I am Java enthusiast who enjoys exploring its endless possibilities. I am a 2nd year Computer Science student specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science(AIDS) at MIT World Peace university, Pune, India. As of now I think that I pretty much grasp what we have to do in this project.

I have following ideas that may be done using ChatGPT:

  1. Fix various error in the content on the page: The API will suggest grammatical and structural fixes, making it easier for content writers and Wiki users to focus on their message alone.

2.Use Viable by OpenAI : This will allow us to get insight on various data. For example it will help us get a better idea of what interests people and what topic people find more attractive to read.

I am interested in the project cause i have worked on similar personal project recently in java using a maven build. My project is named lazyman and it makes getting my college assignments done a total breeze since now I don’t have to look through various books for a single answer. You may have a look at it using the following link : GitHub - Arnavthakare19/Lazyman: A java program that reads your Microsoft docx files, gets the answers through the chat GPT and stores them locally in another docx file.

I am eager to collaborate with Mr. Vincent Massol, the project mentor, and other members of the community to make this integration happen.This is my first time working in an open source project so I welcome any feedback and suggestions to improve my proposal. You can contact me via emailing me on or text me directly. My time zone is CDT(UTC+5:30).

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,
Arnav Thakare

Also, I am new to all this so does anyone have an example of how i should write a proposal? Like an example if possible?

Hey Arnav,

Glad to hear our wavelengths match. Here’s a demonstration template you can follow to write your own proposal

Hope this helps, Good luck!

@vmassol sir, I have submitted my proposal and I would gladly have your opinion on it. The primary approach I’m following is the integration of ChatGPT through its API. Are there some other plans you’d like me to consider along with this one?

Thanks : )

Thank you @gauravpadam ,

I hope this works out.

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hello everyone i an janvi. i am relatively new to opensource but chatgpt had my interest wrapped around it. i am very excited for this project and i believe being new would me to focus more as i’ll be more dedicated towards work and my project.
i believe that chatgpt can add various features to xwiki and the for the users it can provide more personalized and enhanced experience.
these are the following things i believe chatgpt can help xwiki with:

  1. Improved user engagement: By integrating ChatGPT with XWiki, users can have more interactive and personalized experiences, leading to increased engagement with the platform.
  2. Enhanced collaboration: ChatGPT integration can facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among XWiki users, making it easier to share ideas, discuss projects, and work together more effectively. by using chatgpt’s interface users can interact with XWiki in a more natural and intuitive way, providing a better overall user experience.
  3. Increased productivity: With ChatGPT integration, users can quickly get answers to their questions without leaving XWiki, saving time and increasing productivity.
  4. Improved knowledge management: ChatGPT integration can help capture and organize knowledge within XWiki by automatically suggesting relevant content and providing answers to commonly asked questions.

Welcome aboard @inkerton ! See for details. Thx

PS: In the future please don’t “hijack” an existing thread. Best is to create a new thread for a new topic (here the topic is an introduction from you and this thread was already an introduction from someone else).

Hello! My name is Nurzhan, and I am an enthusiastic Java Developer with a strong passion for learning and understanding complex things. As a second-year student majoring in Computer Science, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills to propose the integration of the ChatGPT model into XWiki to enhance its functionality and boost the productivity of the company.
To achieve this, I have a fundamental plan for integrating the ChatGPT API, including the following steps:
• Data Collection and Preprocessing: To train the ChatGPT model, we need to collect user data and preprocess them. This will involve identifying the most common questions or issues that XWiki users face and compiling a relevant dataset for training.
• Fine-Tuning Model: We will develop an annotation scheme to label the dataset and ensure that the ChatGPT model learns to classify and respond to user queries accurately.
• Plugin Development: To interact with the ChatGPT model within the XWiki platform, we will develop a new plugin. This plugin will allow users to generate content by prompting ChatGPT to provide suggestions based on the context of their current editing session.
• Automated Testing and Deployment: After developing the ChatGPT model and plugin, we will conduct a range of tests to ensure that they work correctly and deliver accurate results. This will include evaluating the accuracy and relevance of the responses provided by the model and testing the plugin in various user scenarios. Based on the results of these tests, we will refine the model and plugin to meet the requirements before deploying them to production for use by XWiki users.
With my passion for Java development, I am confident in my ability to contribute to this project and help XWiki users enhance their experience with the platform.