GSoC 2023 Selected Contributor Introduction - Rajat Khanduri

Hello everyone!
I am Rajat Khanduri and I’d like to thank my mentors and all other XWiki committers for selecting me and making me a part of the community. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity :smiley:

This summer, I’ll work on the project Interactive Link Visualization for XWiki.
The aim of the project is to develop an interactive link visualizer application for XWiki which will show an interactive network-graph of pages present in a wiki which will help in depicting the intricate relationships between different pages of the wiki. XWiki users will get to view, explore, interact & analyze link relationships through dynamic network graphs consisting of many nodes and edges.

Community Bonding Period:
The project timeline starts with the community bonding period (May 4 - 28).
As discussed earlier with my mentor @MichaelHamann and I’d also like to inform the community that I have my end semester exams during this period, here is my examinations date-sheet & university semester schedule, which means I will be occupied for most of the community bonding period.

But before I get occupied, I’d like to do set some things up (like making an xwiki-contrib repository, making a JIRA entry for the project etc). I will soon create a forum post regarding the same.
Since I have already done most of the work expected in community bonding period (like getting to know about the development practices of the organization, setting up the developer environment, plan about time-table, read documentations and resources), I’d like to solve some assigned JIRA issues after the exams are over and before the coding period begins officially.

After-exams schedule:
We have summer vacations in June, which means I’ll have plenty of time during the coding period and will be able to commit it to my project.
My college will restart during mid of July for my next semester but since the mid-sem exams will only start from around September 1st week, I will be able to devote enough time to the project almost regularly (since generally I remain occupied during exams, practicals or vivas only)

Regarding timeline:
At the moment, I think the project should be completed in the standard period of 12 weeks as I think I will pace up the development work during the 1.5 month long vacation as I will be totally free from any kind of academic work, but I am open to any feedback or suggestions my mentors may have regarding the timeline. Additionally, I currently have no other commitments beyond GSoC, even during September and October, so I would be open to the idea of extending the timeline if necessary and would not have any issues with doing so.

Also, when the coding period officially begins, I will update the community about my progress every week or 2 weeks in a forum thread.
Regarding video meetings, I’d like to plan the schedule about it on the matrix channel of XWiki in the chats with my mentors after confirming the timing with them.

Thanks again :smiley:
Looking forward to have a great learning experience with the community :))