Heading levels to split don`t work

I won`t to import .doc document to xWiki and split it on headings level 1 and 3. When I install Office Importer Application I notice that Heading levels to split is not active.


Only Heading-1 is selected and I can`t select anything from the list.
I have XWiki 12.10.9 installed on Docker.
Maybe I forget to install configure something?

FWIW I’ve just tested it on XWiki 13.6 and it worked fine. You have to select “split document” ofc (as on your screenshot). I don’t see why the problem would be related to docker. Maybe you could tell us what browser you use and use your browser debug tool to see why you cannot select the items?


I just restart both dockers (server and database) and problem don`t appear any more.
Maybe something have to be reload after installation Office Importer Application on docker instance.
Thanks for help.

For me issue solved.