HELP.... accidentally removed admin/owner from Administrator group, now xWiki broken and superadmin won't work

I can’t believe what a cluster I’ve made.

Another admin logged into xwiki on my machine without my knowledge. Couldn’t figure out what was going on and in a brain freeze, I decided to remove my account from the Administrator page, intending to re-add it. Duh, that meant I couldn’t go back to admin… plus the bazillions of macros I created no longer work either.

I enabled superadmin in xwiki.cfg and was able to log in, but I still can’t see or do anything.

This is what I see:

My last backup is 8 days ago, and I have a team of 6 people who work in xWiki 8 hours a day so it would be a huge problem to rollback the database.

What are my options??

Okay I figured out how to navigate to the Admin group page, and I rolled it back, which put my user back into the Admin group. I now can see more than I did before, but plenty of my macros are not found – for example the panels class isn’t working at all…

I also still can’t navigate to the admin panel normally either


Macros are registered when they are saved or at init so yes fixing the author was not enough. Try to restart XWiki.

Yes, restarting it did the trick! Thank you so much!