Help - Export pdf table is messed up with styling

Seems like when there’s styling in the table, export to pdf feature works rather poorly.

The view of the document is:

But the exported pdf is like this:

After some trial and error, I found out it’s this line in the source that’s causing it:
|=(% style=“width: 15%;” %)Principle|=(% style=“width: 20%;” %)Policy|=(% style=“width: 20%;” %)Strategic Objectives|=Tactical Objectives

If I remove all the (% sytle=…%), then export is okay.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

I think you’re hitting one of these issues:

One solution/workaround you have right now (but you may not want it ;)) would be to use the LaTeX export feature which allows controlling tables better. Then convert from LaTeX to PDF. Doc at