Help in adding third-party plugins to ckeditor

Please help me deal with the addition of third-party ckeditor plugins using ckeditor intergration. I need to add the plugin “autocorrect” and I do not understand the instruction (((Use additional CKEditor plugins).
I don’t understand where to write it. CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal (‘plugin name’, ‘plugin URL or path’); ??? in what config file? My system is on linux. Can anyone have experience adding third-party plugins, please share?

I just checked and the line

CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal(‘plugin name’, ‘plugin URL or path’);

If followed by

You can put this:

  • In the “Advanced Configuration” …
  • In a JavaScript skin extension

What part is not clear?

Can you please write an example, adding a third-party plug-in as an example of auto-substitution in the “Advanced configuration” … As I understand it, in order to add third-party plugins, I should write the whole config in the “Advanced configuration” …? Including And the content of the Sandbox. Foo JSX would look something like:

CKEDITOR.plugins.add (‘foo’, {
init: function (editor) {

In a JavaScript skin extension. E.g .:
require ([‘deferred! ckeditor’], function (ckeditorPromise) {
ckeditorPromise.done (function (ckeditor) {
ckeditor.plugins.addExternal (‘foo’, “$ xwiki.getSkinFile (‘ckeditorPlugins / foo.js’)”);