Help needed with changing the email templates for page sharing

I wanted to change the default email text for sharing a page. I changed the corresponding object of type XWiki.Mail within XWiki.SharePage.
However, the used share routine (…/?xpage=shareinline) still uses the old content.
Do the changes have to be made elsewhere or is there a caching problem? So the server just needs to be resetted?



What you did sounds good, see

Maybe your issue is language? You need to have one such xobject per language and fill the language field.

Sorry, everything’s working the way it should.
It was my fault.
I overlooked that the object XWiki.Mail consists of two elements for the text form and the html form, and only changed the first element, but later controlled the result generated by the second HTML element.
Note: Always scroll down and look to the end of the window!

Could you please instruct me how you customized email template.
Thanks in advance

Hi @novrastaa,

Please check this topic: Mail sending message

Hope it helps,