Hi! Could I configure the eventListener order?

Love XWiki so far! Recently, I find there are more than one eventListener for a single event.So I want to order them with some Configuration.How should I do for it ?
Best Regards!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to order listeners right now. See Loading... for more details.

Thank for your answer!
Should I have some other solution for my need?
I want to modify the Application Home Page’s style and layout , It must be effective for each app ,especially the new Application.
I add a listener for a WebHome page created and modify it now.But I failed, it is similar because the above problem.
So, could you have any good ideas?
Thank you very much!

Should I have some other solution for my need?

First you need to explain why you need to order listeners. You only talked about one listener, what is the other listener that conflict with yours ?

I want to modify the appliction home page’style.So I listen the document created and if it is an app webHome, I will change the doc’s content and add some script objects.I log my code, the listener is execute successfully and have modified the doc’s content and add the objects. But when the application is created and display the WebHome ,the webHome’Content is different with mine, but the objects is exist.
So I think maybe the system’s listener execute after my listener, after I modify the content ,it is modified by system later .

Is there any other configuration to change the app WebHome template? It is effective for each app .

You should edit the document and actually check if what you modified is here. Maybe the object you added is there but simply not taken into account by the application home page displayer.