Hidden macro and user preferences

Hello all,

In the context of the support for hidden macro, we need to allow user to express their preference. They need to be able to configure whether they want to see hidden macros by default.

Option 1

Reuse the Display hidden pages user preference.

Pro: easy as the property already exists
Cons: not really accurate since it is not about macros, so probably not good usability wize

Option 2

Introduce a new Display hidden macros user preference.

Pro: Correctly represent what it will be used for
Cons: Slightly more work


I don’t think I agree with this statement. I think there are XWiki instances where the Admins would like to control what macros users can use or not (i.e. it’s not a choice of the user).

So my take is that we might need both options:

  • UC1: Ability for admins or extension writers to prevent the usage of some macros (e.g. an internal macro provided by an extension and used internally and not meant to be used by users)
  • UC2: Ability to let users decide and for them to decide to see hidden macros or not.

For UC2, I think we can implement option 1 for now. We can always introduce a new config option later on. Also, another idea would be to require to be an advanced users to see hidden macros (since you know what you’re doing).

I think Option 1 is good enough to use for now. Maybe rename it from “hidden pages” to “technical details”?

Whatever the decision, I’d really like to have this feature; so far every time I have to introduce XWiki to new users, in the macro section there are so many macros where I have to tell users that they likely will never need them that it makes them feel that macros are per see something alien.