Hiding page and user index

Dear XWIKI community,

If I follow settings by this XWIKI forum page I will have hidden the user and page index for unregistered, but the search index will not show either. The hints from searchbox will show up (hints to viewable pages) but not the search index after pressing “enter” keyboard button.

Any suggestions please?

Is there any possiblity to do inner velocity script non admin user is redirected to homepage? I found only inner function which works only with case where user is admin. With customization where page or user index is shown only if user is admin I was not actually successful.

Thank you

You’re restricting view right for guest users on all child pages of the home page, which includes the search page. So it’s normal guest users don’t have access to the search page anymore. You need to restrict view right at a lower level, e.g. directly on the pages you want to “hide”.

Yes, but there was no effect to the page or user index pages. Only effect was done if setting for all child pages were done. Otherwise there was option to select concretely pages I want to have access to (only to the child pages). But cocnrete settings only to page and user index was not successfull.
Is my idea about using velocity bad?