Home page "tree" expansion

xwiki 8.4.4 from xwiki repo on Ubuntu

There are 44 pages in the home page “tree”

A user that has right to all sees 15 and “29 more”, which if clicked on shows another 15 and “14 more”, which if clicked on shows all of the pages

A user that only has rights to see some of the pages sees 2 pages and “29 more”, which if clicked on shows 5 pages and “14 more” , which if clicked on shows the total 9 pages that they have access to.

I presume that this is because the ACL is applied after the list is generated, and so is in effect “by design”, and would not be simple to change.

Is it possible to disable the tree expander so that it always shows the full “tree” ?


Yes, by using the limit parameter. See http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Document%20Tree%20Macro#HParameters

Note that the documentation seems not very accurate since it mentions " when expanding a parent node for the first time." but in practice when I tested it, you don’t need to expand anything, it’ll show all items by default.

However please note that you’re going to affect performances of your wiki a lot by doing this (all documents visible need to be loaded in memory to compute their titles for example).

Is there an alternative for not showing numbers that make it obvious that there are pages that the user does not have access to ?