Horizontal scrollbar missing

I just installed the xWiki and imported the topics from my old wiki to xWiki now. If I create tables with more columns than my screen can display, I miss the horizontal scrollbar to the the complete table. If I zoom, I can see all columns, but the fond size is to small to read them. How can I display the horizontal scrollbar? Vertical is working. I’m using the current stable version 12.6.1

Could you please paste a screenshot so that we see what you mean exactly?

Maybe 2 screenshots: one from your previous version and one with 12.6.1.


2020-09-04 21_31_32-

Hello xmassol,
This is a screenshot of the current wiki. The older one was on confluence. So not comparable

ok I hadn’t understood you were migrating content from another wiki system to XWiki (I thought you were upgrading XWiki versions).

So I’ve tested it and it works fine. The columns are resized to always fit the maximum width of the screen. See for example:

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 09.12.36

Could you go in source mode when editing and copy paste your content here? You probably have some CSS styles to prevent that or something like that.


This is my complete table. It’s a copy of the content of a MS word file.

TableData.txt (24.5 KB)

EDIT: You’re right. If I create a new table and write there the content manually, everything is fine.
EDIT2: It’s more simple - the scrollbar is visible, but it’s on the end of the content. So if I want to scroll horizontal, I’ve to scroll down to the end of the table to see the scrollbar.

So I think the reason why the table doesn’t fit in the viewport is simply because it cannot :wink: There’s too much data and the browser is not able to lay it out to fit the viewport. However it does add a horizontal scrollbar (this is standard and done by the browser, XWiki has no control over this, you’ll have that for any web site).

Could you tell me what you had in Confluence? Maybe some screenshots to show the differences?

Side note: I’m on mac and with my magic mouse I can have the mouse pointer anywhere inside the table and swipe left or right on the mouse to move the table left or right.