How best to deploy local JAR extensions to a docker X-Wiki instance

Sorry if this is a very naïve question, but I have built several test extensions as JAR files and Id like to deploy them to a local X-Wiki instance running on docker. What is the recommended way of doing this? I’m assuming that this entails mounting a volume that points at the appropriate directory but I was hoping that someone could confirm this and let me know if I’m on the right track. Specific directory information would, of course, be most gratefully received! Thanks in advance.

Hi, see Creating an Extension ( and especially Creating an Extension (

Does that help?

Thanks, yes it does. So just to be sure, I need to map a volume to the path inside the docker container that corresponds to : XE_WAR_HOME/WEB-INF/lib
Then put my JAR inside that volume and it will be picked up?
Thanks for the pointer.

So docker is not the issue. You can always map any volume.

However using WEB-INF/lib is not the right approach in general, unless you have a very simple extension. in general it’s better to install it using the Extension Manager since this is how it should be installed and upgraded in your wiki.

So you just need to have the maven local repo mapped. Something like: -v $HOME/.m2:/root/.m2:delegated . Then follow Creating an Extension (

Ah yes - I see thanks. I have been developing and building on a windows box not on the Linux docker host but I see the approach. Thanks for your help.

BTW why do you need docker for development? XWiki is just a zip to unzip, that’s all. It’s much easier and much faster than using docker locally when developing. None of us devs use docker for that :slight_smile:

Oh yes, of course - thanks! That simplifies things a lot :slight_smile: I’ll do that from now on. Cheers!