How can I make a picture displayed on the right?

Hello, I tried to make a picture displayes on the right hand. However I didn’t find the correct usage to do this work on the official manual .

And also, how to use .css file to define more detail when inserting a picture in a wiki page? I have no idea how to handle this. It would be appreciated if anyone could provide some a little bit hints to me.


Assuming the image you want to display is part of the content of a document, I did a quick try:

[[image:my_image.png||height="130" style="float:right" width="100"]]

And the image is displayed as expected on the right.

Does my snippet match what you did? If it does we can look further to see what’s interfering with the default behavior.

Hope that helps.


Yes, your solution works.

But actually I want to make the main text showed on the left of the figure. Do you have an idea how could I achieve this effect?