How do I add pages to categories like Wikipedia?


Is there some way to add pages to categories as Wikipedia does? For example:

You can see that the page is in the “SI base units”, “Units of mass”, and “1000 number” categories. If I visit the pages of any of those categories, I’ll get a list of pages and the Kilogram page will be in those lists somewhere.

The closest thing I’ve been able to find is the Classification Application extension:

However, I find the documentation incomprehensible. I can’t work out if the extension even does what I think it does, let alone how to use it…

Am I looking in the wrong place entirely?

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Hello io7m,

The Classification Application seems to be a good fit potentially indeed but I don’t know much about it and it seems it’s not really maintained from what I see on its repository.

There are multiple ways to implement classification in XWiki: via tags, page hierarchy, static list properties, database list properties, among others . An option is to use the Page Relations Application, which is currently evolving to support more advanced classification as described on this draft (the described approach is installable but it is experimental at this stage, likely to change significantly before getting released). Let us know if one of these approaches can fit your needs?


Yes, thanks, that looks like it could work!

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