How do I find lost images?


One of my users lost their images from their article, so the link is obviously wrong now and the images vanish…
So, I’m trying to find a way to look for images with bad links. We know xwiki uploaded and attached the images. Is there a special place where we can look at every image attached in XWiki?

----- Backstory ----
They had attached the images to the article and saved and the images were in the article all ok.

But she came back to it and this is what the attachments tab looks like:

and of course you get “bad image” icon everywhere in article there used to be real image.

The most likely reason is that the file doesn’t exist on the file system. Maybe a permanent directory that was cleared or not set or moved.

To debug, you can find the location of the file on the file system using

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If the problem is a missing file just clicking on the image link should tell you where it’s trying to find it in an error in the application server log.

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