How many apps are possible with the Application App within minutes?

Hello Everybody,
I’m a new xWiki user. i want to use xwiki for our company and i have a question.
would be very grateful for your help.

I would like to create a logbook for our objects. We have around 800 properties.For each object there should be a log book in which employees should make various entries.

The structure of the entries should be the same everywhere. However, users should simply click on the respective logbook and add an entry (we need a good history)

Is it possible to do this with the app within minutes? Does it make sense to create around 1000 apps with app with minutes per object? Do you have an idea how to do something like that?The important thing is the date, work done, some selection fields and lists…

or would you do that in a large log book (like one Applikation) one entry per object?

Perhaps one of you has already realized something like this and gained experience

thank you for tips (and sorry for my bad english)

best regards Daniel