How many users can an XWiki instance support?

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Today my boss asked me if the XWiki system can support 10,000 people? I am not sure.

I want to know if you have a case with so many users? And performance issues with a large number of users.

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

Not sure what you mean. Are you asking how many users can an XWiki instance support?

It depends on a lot of factors and it’s impossible to answer.

I can tell you that we know XWiki instances that have ore than 100K users. In term of TPS, I don’t really know and I would be interested to find out. Since we support clustering, I’d say we should be able to support 60 TPS with the right scaling. But that would need to be proved.

thank you for your reply.

I am using XWiki 10.4 now, with only one instance, about 1000 users.

User feedback to me,

  1. Save a long article, will wait for a long time, sometimes will report an error, but there is a successful save, such as the error message “Server not responding”.
  2. The “Rename/Copy” page takes a long time to wait.
  3. The notification load time is long.

Can these problems be solved by upgrading? Can you provide me some documentation references?

I hope to get your help, thank you.

1000 users is very low and shouldn’t be a performance problem.

I’d suggest you check

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Check your CPU usage, maybe you have the notification issue: Xwiki 10.11.3 high CPU usage because NotificationsDisplayerUIX - #5 by Pbas ?

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