How to add this vertical menu

Hi! Love Xwiki so far :slight_smile:
I was wondering how I can add this menu shown in this pic:

Referenced from:

Thank you!!

You can view the source of:

IMO you can use bootstrap to do a vertical menu like’.

Pascal B

There’s also the Admin UI vertical menu that could be copied (as I don’t think we’re providing as something reusable ATM but it would be nice to do so):

Ah okay, I was hoping there was an extension that I missed for this menu.
Thank you - I’ll have to dive into this further.

Actually you can use bootstrap components directly such as list groups List group · Bootstrap or navs Navs · Bootstrap

Or use any JS lib that does menus such as

To integrate jquery into XWiki see

Note: You pointing on bootstrap V4…
navs from bootsrap have less features. Here V3 bootstarp documentation: Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.

Oh okay thank you to both!