How to alter search input for search suggestion

Hello everyone,

the search function of our wiki is a very big problem for our users, since they often just can’t find their articles, even though they use the exact words of the content. Part of the problem is, that some users are simply not familiar with the query syntax, so we implemented an overlay for the actual search page, which will post-process the input and will help with the syntax.


The overlay will allow the user to choose, whether he wants to link multiple entered words with AND, OR or do an exact search.


In this example, the user searched for the input “test query” (without quotes) and selected the AND option. This even works so far, but some user miss the autosuggest feature of the vanilla search.

My question now is, whether there is a way to create a autosuggest class, that will behave similar to the custom query overlay I mentioned above.

So far, I can only see that I could create a custom class and use the whole query input with the __input__ variable:

q=*__INPUT__* or *__INPUT__ or __INPUT__*
qf=doccontent^2 doccontentraw

Sadly, I didn’t find a way to parse this input into multiple search portions, so this is not even close to the custom query overlay and also wont work with multiply words.

Can you help me here?

With thanks and best regards,