How to archive a page

Hi, is there an option to archive an page?

We do not want to delete a page because we want to have it for later reference. The ‘normal’ user may not see an archived page, but a kind of administrator can reactivate such a document.

Are there ideas how we can implement this?

Hi, two ideas come to mind:

Hope it helps


Could hidden pages be an option also?

Does not feel enough according to your first message: hidden pages don’t show up in search results by default, but that’s about it, and any user can enable hidden pages or simply access the page directly.

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A third possibility might be to create an “archive” subwiki with the stricter permissions and move the page from the main wiki to the archive that the normal users don’t have access to.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will think further about it and try not to forget to write down here what I decided

Actually, there is another possibility which might cover your need: delete the page.

When you delete a page, it’s put in a trash bin, and you can restore it (or even display it) whenever you want. There is no automatic cleanup of the trash bin in XWiki, but of course an admin could decide to remove a delete document.

Yeah, some else suggested that. But it feels wrong when indeed an admin does a cleanup :slight_smile:

We have choosen for an archive ‘folder’ where the editors can move the documents in. The archive folder is given special permissions that can only be seen by the people with the role editors.