How to change colour


I’m new to XWiKi, but I cannot find any hint how to change the font colour and the backgroud colour of text.
I asked ChatGPT, it’s 1st suggestion
{{color name=“red”}}This text is red{{/color}}
ends in error message "Unknown macro: klick on this message to see details.
Macro [color] is not in the list of registered macros. Check your writing style or contat Admin.

2nd suggestion of ChatGPT This text is red
Shows exactly This text is red with no red colour.

I used XWiki’s Souce Code editor for both examples.

Any idea what I can do to get coloured text?

Thanks for any hint!

Hi. See

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Hi @Sergeant999,

If you need to apply these changes in the entire wiki, you should look at the color theme application: . If you just want to do these changes locally, only in one page, or a section in the page, then you should look at

Hope it helps,