How to create a '+Sibling' button, next to the +Create button

I like my users to be able to quickly create a sibling page of the current page.

Statistically, most people want to create a new page under the parent page/namespace. This is because such parent is often used as a container such as a project or main subject.

The issue with the current Xwiki user interface is that the +Create button always creates a child page of the current page.

First I like to submit this as a feature request (not sure where to do that here) and also, maybe someone can give me a hint how to create such button


Hello @Yuri,

It’s always a pleasure to see somebody willing to contribute :slight_smile:

Here is depend of how to want to achieve this. Either as a contrib extension, or a part of the standard distribution.

See the contributing page of the documentation for more details.

Answering the technical will require a bit for time, it’s going to be for another message.

Hope that help.

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Thank you, I will do some homework and report back here.