How to create Custom Dynamic Navigation Panel in version 9.11.x?

I want Navigation Panel and I want only newly created pages in its Navigation Panel means i don’t want Home, xwiki, Sandbox Page in Navigation Panel.If possible please sent me velocity Code.i am new in xwiki ,sorry for my bad English.

you can installed and try Xwiki 10.6.1

thanks for replay @ahmettsdvn can we make in version 9.x.
any way to hide page from velocity code.

You can turn off page edit mode.
So that any person can not write code within the page.You should try it

i want to only hide Home,xwiki ,Sandbox pages from navigation panel.


Did you check the documentation? The Navigation Panel documentation has a link to the Document Tree macro documentation which has a section named “Exclude nodes based on their ids”.

@mflorea @ahmettsdvn
Thank you i can hide pages.