How to create different nav panel for different pages?

So I’d like to achieve this kind of thing: when user goes to home page, there would be some themes(or spaces as I understood before, but I knew that xwiki removed such concept) to select, when user selects one of them, directs them to the corresponding sub-home page and show them corresponding navigation panel.

I have seen this on the official wiki user guide part, when user select different quick links, navigation panel would reload a different structure. I think this is similar to what I need, how should I do this?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi, I think I can narrow down the question, simply speaking, how to get current wiki pages’ content in navigation panel’s macro part? Or more directly, can I read the velocity code for current official xwiki’s navigation panel?(maybe this is an aggressive demand, just in case it’s actually posted somewhere like GitHub) :sweat_smile: