How to customize the default skin?

I want to consumize the look of the wiki. Specifically, I want to remove the question mark after the link to non-existing page and change its color from blue to red. So I googled it, found the Skin Application document.

It says I can overwrite the templates by adding an overridden template object:

So I did that for my default XWiki Skin:

I want to just hide all the links to non-existing pages with class wikicreatelink to test it. I save the overriden template object and open my Home page, I update the page with F5. The link to a non-existing page with wikicreatelink class is there and the style isn’t applied:

What should I do to make it work? Is it a bug?

Is this the way to go to create my own custom theme? Or should I do something else?

Note that a simpler solution is to use a SSX: (instead of creating a custom skin which is heavier and harder to upgrade)

Thx. I’ve already used this one to style a macro with html.
I guess I could add the stylesheet to the skin page.
But what about the overriden template object? Why doesn’t that work? I tried to override the footer with an empty footer:

And the footer disappears.

I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a bug or limitation related to the LESS compilation process we use.

Should I create the issue on Jira then? Looks like a bug to me, I think I followed the instructions in the article correctly. It works for the .vm files but doesn’t work for .css files. I’ll use the ssx for now.
The thing about Jira is that when I open it: Loading...
There’s like 100 different places to create the bug report in. Which project should I create it in?

You can use XWiki Platform (see Contributing - XWiki).


Ok. Created issue XWIKI-20372 on Jira.

If someone in the future has the same issue:
This is an issue with cache. After updating the page with Ctrl+F5(update page with clearing the cache of files), the new styles do get applied.