How to customize View-output of XWiki Object controls

Default XWIki will output HTML for the view mode of attributes of a Object

Our new design would require that we change the default output:

Currently we have the following code in our forms:

; $escapetool.xml($doc.displayPrettyName(‘l2’, false, false))
: $doc.display(‘l2’)

This will generate in view mode:

Wat was de belangrijkste reden om een ​​arts te zoeken op dat moment (meer antwoorden zijn mogelijk)?
Mijn kind zag er bijzonder uit

The value entered is displayed as

Mijn kind zag er bijzonder uit

The problem is that our design would require a input control like style

I have two options:

  1. Modify all our sheets (> 60) wth If statements for view mode and build the desired html around the $doc.display
  2. in our skin change the view behavior to the desired html

A third option would be to build some post-loading javascript that will change the rendered html, but this is not our choice
How can I do 2