How to debug SQL errors when saving ConfigurableClass?

Hello all,
as soon as I edit objects on a new page, add an XWiki.ConfigurableClass object with dumb information, I get an SQL warning:

SqlExceptionHelper   - SQL Warning Code: -1100, SQLState: 02000 
SqlExceptionHelper   - no data 

The two lines mean the same.
The content seems to be saved (which is the important thing) but… should I worry about this exception? Should I debug how this is happening?


what version of XS? I think this is fixed

If you are using hsqldb this warning generally come from the way Hibernate update lists: it first deleted all elements associated to this list and then add the new ones. Problem is that it seems HSQLDB does not like delete SQL query which do nothing (when the list was empty), other databases connectors don’t complain about that.

Thanks @tmortagne and @vmassol: This is with XWiki 12.9 and HSQLDB indeed.
What could be “lists” in the XWiki.Configurable Class?

propertiesToShow of type StaticListClass ? This one is indeed always empty in my case.

Then that’s it I think. It’s basically the same thing than (also caused by an empty list in a XWiki.ConfigurableClass object).

That’s the issue I had in mind but I thought it was fixed (my bad).

Ok. Great.
So there’s nothing for me as an app developer to worry about.
Maybe the SqlExceptionHelper could catch and silence this? This sounds a bit crazy… I agree.