How to edit a page in "Objects" mode?


I would like to be able to edit several pages in"Objects" mode in order to personalize my website. For example, adding Carousel in my Top Menu Application, adding Blog view in my Home page or just editing the Css file of each page.

I’ve been trying for two days to find a way to gain access to this multi-functionality, but I can’t, so could you help me out please ?


The easiest and fast way is to use shortcuts.
Or via collapsed menu after pressing the Edit button.


you have to switch to an advanced user to be able to see the different kind of edition mode of a page, see: Page Editing (

Then you’ll see an arrow next to the edit button allowing to perform object edition.

Hi nikpetrenko and surli,
Thank you very much for your feedback and time.
Indeed I was trying some shortcuts but I wasn’t aware of the advanced mode.
I wish you a nice day !