How to edit with markdown syntax in WYSIWYG mode?

XWiki 10.11.11
CKEditor Integration 1.41
Markdown Syntax 1.2

I can see markdown is listed in editor:

But when I select “Plain 1.0” or “Markdown 1.2”, the page will refresh automatically, and keep in “XWiki 2.1”.

From here, somebody said " Markdown Syntax extension works with WYSIWYG ".

What can I do to fix it?

Hi. It should work out of the box normally. However note that we don’t support old versions of xwiki, see The LTS is 11.10.4.

Could you please upgrade and try again on 11.10.4 or 12:2 and let us know if you still have the problem? You could also try on a clean new version to see if you can reproduce. If you do then it’s a bug and we’ll fix it!

Also make sure you use the latest version of the markdown syntax 1.2 extension. You didn’t mention which version you were using.