How to empty mail queue?

Running Debian packages for XWiki 13.6, and MySQL database.

Looking at my settings “Mail / Mail Sending Status” I see a ton of failed mail, and I don’t want to allow them to get sent/resent before I reconfigure this.

Is there any way to clear that queue so I can start over clean? Thanks in advance.

Hi, we currently don’t have a UI for it, see Loading...

For now you can check the scripting API at

Thus, you can put the following in a wiki page (with a user having Admin rights):

#if ("$!request.confirm" == '1')
  #set ($mailResult = $
  All mails and statuses have been deleted!
  [[Delete all>>||queryString="confirm=1"]]
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@ vmassol thanks very much for your response! I was able to clear the status with your suggestion.