How to expose Javadoc of extension in the ScriptingDocumentation page?

I’ve developed a component and installed in in the extensions.
The component works fine.

At the moment, I cannot see my component in the list of Script Services on the ScriptingDocumentation page.

Question: How do I make the component and its Javadoc visible from the ScriptingDocumentation?
Do I need to annotate the class with a reference to the Javadoc so that it “loads” the Javadoc when installing the service?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Alex,

I don’t think you can do that since the Scripting Documentation will find the javadoc by pointing to the matching javadoc artifact in the Nexus repository at

Now I don’t know this app well and maybe it’s possible to manually add an entry and make it point to some other maven repo? @dgervalle any idea?


If you are talking about that’s because only components installed on farm are found. That’s actually more a demo of the that you can install on your wiki than an exhaustive reference documentation in practice.

So in your own wiki you need the following to see your script service:

For the javadoc to be found it needs to be deployed on, see for documentation on how to deploy your extension there.

Thanks @tmortagne!
Indeed I was referring to our own ScriptingDocumentationApplication extension (which we have already installed) - and not about the XWiki public one.
Thanks for the information about how to make the javadoc accessible using XWiki’s Nexus. We’ll see how we take it further from there.