How to get search tool in title bar

Hi there,

how do we configure the xwiki title bar to have the search tool box in there?
In our old instance we got it like that:

After exporting/upgrading/importing to a newer version its gone and we are not able to place it there again. Yes, we can move it anywhere on the page layout wasting space with an extra column… To put the search box in the title above the page was quite useful before…

Thanks for any answer!

What is the newer version you upgraded to? Because the top bar contains the search input by default since a very long time. Maybe you’re using a custom skin or a different skin than the default Flamingo?

Hi Marius,
We update from Version 6.4 to 11.10.4…
We did not change any default during the installation process.
Thats the content of our presentation settings page:

kind regards

That’s not how the Administration application should look in XWiki 11.10.4. See . So it seems you haven’t properly upgraded your wiki pages to match the new XWiki WAR version. I assume you did go through the Distribution Wizard, but maybe you resolved some merge conflicts by keeping the old version of the page? You can use this to compare the version of the standard wiki pages you have with the version you should have in 11.10.4.

Thank you very much!
Sticking to old versions when merging was indeed the mistake…