How To hide Pages from Navigation Panel

How to hide Pages from Navigation Panel.ex i want to hide page link Home, Menu etc

You can use xxxh key combination.(in homepage)

Can you explain in detail i am new in xwiki.
sorry for my bad english.

go to homepage and xxxh keys press.
If not, go to Administer wiki -> user rights -> Rights and see page permissions

actually, I want to hide only Home, and Menu link(Pages) from Navigation Panel.

I’m new, but I want to tell you what I learned :slight_smile:

try it this
Come to the main page and click on the 3 points next to the “Create” button.
Click on “Administer Page”
Give permissions (Child and parent pages)

“With that you can hide the homepage”

Depending on the version of xwiki (10.5+) you can change the navigation panel in administration, see

Thank you Very much

Thank for your support
but i am using xwiki 9.11.5. any solution for that.

i got solution(xwiki 9.x) i hide link by using css.