How to: Install XWiki on Windows

My modest contribution: I created some videos showing how to install PostgreSQL and XWiki on Windows.

Installing PostgreSQL on Windows using SSPI:

SSPI is useful because you can authenticate to the PostgreSQL database using the Windows account credentials - all you need is a Windows domain account with the same name as the PostgreSQL database account.

Installing XWiki on Windows:

This video presumes PostgreSQL installation (from first video) and shows how to create the database, what files to download, and how to install to get a running XWiki instance on Windows.

How to request https certificate from AD certificate server for Tomcat:

This video shows a demo of how to request an https certificate from an Active Directory certificate server (uses KeyStore Explorer GUI tool to make things easier).

Hope this is useful/helpful.


That’s great ! I added it to

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Great! Perhaps someone may find it to be helpful.

I did! Thank you for your effort!

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I am unable to determine how to edit my original post to include a new link to a new version of the video that I think is a nice upgrade that doesn’t rely on Oracle’s JRE and uses a better Tomcat installer (a custom one I wrote).

The new link is here:

Installing XWiki on Windows

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Also @tmortagne you can use the updated video link in your doc link.



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