How to prevent an image from being attached to a page?

Hello all,
Is it possible to prevent an image from being automatically attached to a page on xWiki ?

Hi. Not sure what you mean exactly but you could use a data URI I guess.

See data URI scheme - Wikipedia and XWiki Syntaxes (

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Thank you for your quick response.
Actually, whenever I insert an image in a page or an article, xWiki automatically puts it as an attachment to the page. However, some images have been put in just for “decoration”, I don’t see the point of having them as attachments and in the page tree.

In this case, maybe the best is to add the images as part of a custom skin (either on the file system or in a wiki page).

Note that you could also have a special page where you add your “decoration” images and then display them in other pages.

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The image file needs to be put somewhere, and currently that somewhere is the page you are editing. But you can reuse an image already attached somewhere else instead of uploading a new one.

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Thank you for the additional information :pray:

Thank you for your answer :pray: